Anthologies (Contributing artist)

Aftershock: Artists Respond to Disaster in Japan edited by Adam Pasion. (Biguglyrobot, 2011)

Big Dumb Fun edited by Patrick Godfrey and Jesse Bausch (Oddgod Press, 2003)

Bottoms Up! True Tales of Hitting Rock Bottom edited by J. T. Yost (Birdcage Bottom Books, 2017)

Built on Strange Ground edited by Sarah Benkin (Peppermint Monster Press, 2018)

Chain No. 8 edited by Jena Osman and Juilana Spahr (Temple University, 2001)

District Comics edited by Matt Dembicki (Fulcrum Publishing, 2012)

Funny Times Presents The Best of the Best American Humor edited by Raymond Lesser and Susan Wolpert (Three Rivers Press, 2002)

Garish Zow! No. 5 (Hidden Agenda Press, 2004)

Gorgonzola No. 18 edited by Maël Rannou (2012)

I Keee You!! edited by Benn Ray. (Atomic Press, 2006)

I Saw You…. A Missed Connections Anthology edited by Julia Wertz (Three Rivers Press, 2009)

L’Horreur Est Humaine No 7 edited by Sylvain Gérand (I. C. N., 2002)

Mauled! edited by Brian Musikoff (Manual Comics, 2005)

Monster Engine edited by Toby Craig (Little Engine Studios, 2004)

Not My Small Diary issues 10-20 edited by Delaine Derry Green (2002-2020)

Pet Noir edited by Shannon O’Leary (Manic D Press, 2006)

SPX 2003 edited by Greg Bennet, Charles Brownstein, Greg McElhatton, and Chris Pitzer (Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, 2003)

Strip Art Vizura: Urban Art Anthology edited by Zlatko Krstevski (Byzant Visual Art Centre, 2003)

The Bridge Project edited by Matt Leunig (Scraped Knee, 2009)

The Portable NMSD edited by Delaine Derry Green (2014)

Anthologies (Editor)

Cringe: An Anthology of Embarrassment (Birdcage Bottom books, 2014)

On the Other Hand (self-published, 2004)

Swell (Infospect Press, 2002)


Attempted Not Known (1994 - ) - long-running zine series. In later issues, it has taken physical forms such as a cube puzzle, a pack of cigarettes, a scratch-off lottery ticket, and a book shaped like a cassette tape.

Color Single-Panel Cartoons 2000–2008 (2022) - a collection of single-panel cartoons that originally appeared on Netscape, in newspapers, and on movie theatre screens.

Lou’s Garage (2022) - a collection of comic strips originally published from 2005–2009.

Love, Death, and Driving (2020) - a collection of stories about cars, mortality, and romance.

The Very Best of Vidrio Cafe (2020) - a collection of the best episodes of the Vidrio Cafe webcomic

This Was 2020 (2021) - an 80-page graphic novella about surviving the pandemic, dealing with loss, and learning to shelter in place.